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There is an option to partner with us running unique YouTube advertising campaigns. Please check the footer’s FOR BUSINESS section.

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  • Connect and bond with your audience
    Video ads can help you connect with potential customers in a unique and memorable way. Our campaign goes even further to allow to establish a person-to-person bond – far stronger than the customer-to-business one – between the customer and the business.
  • (For more information please check our pages:
    Unique opportunity to meet your customers and 
    “Meet me at…” video ad campaign on YouTube, how it works)
  • Reach just the right audience
    Reach your customers on YouTube by targeting very specific audiences e.g. “couples that want to buy a condo and are avid cyclists.” 
  • Measure your success
    You will obtain detailed reports based on Google Ads Analytics. It will provide a lot of useful information including the number of visitors to the landing page, the number of visitors that decided to go to your business site, re-marketing option data,  CPC, ad budget, and many more. 
The campaign’s goal is to drive quality leads to the customer’s site. For more information please check the page “Meet me at…” video ad campaign on YouTube, how it works

There are 2 important metrics in the campaign:

  • the number of people that decide to click on the video ad that sends them to the campaign landing page
  • the number of people that decide to click on the “Meet me at …” button on the landing page that sends them to the business’s site

YouTube provides advertising analytics tools that allow monitoring of those steps and also provide other useful metrics that give insights to the performance of the campaign.

More information on how the campaign works can be found on “Meet me at…” video ad campaign on YouTube, how it works page.

The campaign’s premise is that

People want to do business
with someone they like.

We provide an opportunity to establish an informal social bond between the customer and the people behind the business, a bond that is far stronger than the customer to business one.

When the bond is established, the people checking your site through the campaign are far more likely to do business with you.

For more information please check our pages Unique opportunity to meet your customers and “Meet me at…” video ad campaign on YouTube, how it works

On average a YouTube video ad’s Pay Pay Click cost ranges from $0.10 to $0.30 (ads can sometimes cost as low as $0.03 pay click)

We make sure your advertising budget is used in the most optimum way:

  • You pay ONLY when a person

    –  has watched the first 30 seconds of the ad, or
    – the whole video ad, or
    – if they have interacted with your ad by clicking,
    whichever comes first.

We try to structure the video ad that either the person is interested and clicks on the ad or abandons it within the first 30 seconds.

  • On average Pay Pay Click cost ranges from $0.10 to $0.30 (ads can sometimes cost as low as $0.03 pay click)
  • The ad is distributed evenly through the ad run
  • The ad is set up so it is shown only to the most promising audience by employing extensive ad set up options like 
    • Keyword contextual targeting: You can use keywords that will help match your ads to web content. This works just like contextual targeting on the Display Network, and applies to both the Display Network and YouTube.
    • Demographic: Reach people by age, gender, or parental status.
    • Topics: Reach people based on certain topics.
    • Affinity audiences: Select from interest-based groups to reach potential customers at scale and make them aware of your business. These audiences were built for businesses running a TV ad that want to extend the campaign to an online context at an efficient price.
    • Custom affinity audiences: Advertisers can create audiences that are more tailored to their brands, compared with broad, TV-like audiences. For example, rather than reaching sports fans, a running shoe company might target avid marathon runners.
    • In-market audiences: Find customers who are researching products or services and actively considering buying something like what you offer.
    • Remarketing: Reach viewers based on their past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel. If you’ve linked a YouTube account to a Google Ads account already, we’ll create custom ones (source: YouTube help)

The minimum budget for advertising campaign is $100.

The minimum time for running an advertising campaign is one month.

Yes, the campaign can be renewed any time with the same or new ad spend and run time options.

Payments are processed online via our accounting portal. We accept all major credit cards and bank payments (EFT). 

A link to the transaction will be provided in the invoice sent to you by email.

The financial transactions are processed through Wave, a reputable Canadian accounting online services that ensures security of the transaction.

Tycmedia owns and operates FindInOttawa.com and all the financial transactions are processed by Tycmedia.



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