Please contact us through ADD MY LISTING page. We will enter all the information provided to the directory.

At your request your listing can be removed at any time by contacting us through REMOVE MY LISTING form.

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There are NO hidden costs. All listings are absolutely free.

Any Ottawa based business, organisation or institution can be listed in the directory


Business owner, manager or any of the business’s employees can provide a recommendation.

We will:

videotape your recommendation (the final product will be edited to fit 10-30sek videoclip) or
– provide a written summary of your tape recorded or written recommendation 

All recommendations are accompanied by a visual featuring you.

You can check a written recommendation example here and videotaped recommendation here.

You cannot recommend anything that would be considered as self promotion: your products, services etc.

The following are just a few examples of can be recommended:

  • businesses you cooperate(d) with
  • businesses you know as a customer
  • professional advice and tips
  • products you purchased as a customer
  • products you purchased through your business
  •  services you purchased as a customer
  • services you purchased through your business
  • places to visit
  • etc.
Basically anything that is not considered self-promotion.
 Below are a few examples of what can be recommended:
Pizza place cookPans cleaning products
Pizza place cookBest website for mystery books
Real estate agentCleaning company whose services she uses
Real estate agent3 most important things to do when buying a house
Real estate agentCafé in downtown Ottawa
Hair salon managerRestaurant she goes to every time she is in Toronto
Hair salon managerHair drier
Café ownerWhale watching trip
Café ownerMistakes to avoid in coffee brewing
Fashion boutique ownerFashion sweater shop
Fashion boutique ownerWhat questions to ask in a fashion boutique
Internet agency ownerSuper quiet mouse
Internet agency ownerCross country skiing trail

If you cannot meet with us personally , please use the RECOMENDATION FORM to send us your recommendation.



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